Q1. How can I check the availability of N Smart services in my area/locality?

A1. On our Home page you may check the availability using your area pin code under: “Let's connect N Smart” You may enter your area postal Pin code to check the availability:

You may also fill the form by clicking here and provide your details and our customer care team will reach out to you and assist accordingly.

Q2. I have applied for a new connection, how soon can I expect the connection to go live?

A2. Area-specific variance exists in the timeline for laying down physical connections/wiring. We aim for a 2 to 4-day installation period, but it may extend based on the location and feasibility.

Q3. Are there any hidden charges or installation charges?

A3. Except during Plan charges difference in the amount of the respective plan chosen are visible One-time Installation charges (if any) are applicable on certain circumstances where additional equipment such as routers and In Building works which are communicated upfront, no other hidden fees after the first rental for the chosen plan is charged for internet service.

Q1. Is the broadband service prepaid or postpaid billing?

A1. Your Broadband billing cycle is pre-paid during the time of activation or during subsequent renewal cycle of your sub-plan duration.

Q2. Can I change the plan once the plan has been activated?

A2. Plan changes are not allowed mid-billing period. They can only be made after the current subscription ends.

Q3. How can I download a copy of my invoice?

A3. You may login to N Smart user portal here using the Username or Registered Mobile Number with your password. Select the invoices tab on the top. Select payments. You can print or download the paid invoice. If you do not have the login credentials you may contact our customer care department for details here .

Q4. What is the refund policy for N Smart?

A4. To learn more about the Refund policy and general Payment related FAQ click here .

Q5. How do I make payments during Activate/Renewal/Unpaid Invoice payments?

A5. Through the user login portal you can now make seamless payments with the Payment gateway aggregator Razorpay. Razorpay allows you to opt various payment methods such as
- Cards (Debit and Credit)
- Net banking
- Wallet (Phonepay, etc)
- EMI Cards
You may select the list of Available Banks/Wallet/UPI partners to make the payments in Razorpay

You may alternately choose to make payments via Bank transfer for which the account details are mentioned in the bill.
For all payments other than direct Razorpay payment gateway methods listed above, made via Cheque/Online/Manual RazorPay QR code transfer kindly provide the reference ID to update the billing status to paid.

Q6. While making the payment through Razorpay amount was debited yet the invoice is still showing unpaid?

A6. In rare circumstances the amount deducted might be pending approval at banks website in case of an unsuccessful transaction the amount should usually be reversed to the original method of payment with 1-7 business days.

Q7. Are the plan prices fixed and if any changes by when will it be applicable on my account?

A7. We always try to offer the best prices to our customers, and the revision to prices are made to suit the market needs. Whenever there is a change in the pricing, these changes will reflect from your next billing cycle.

Q1. Is there a fair usage policy/FUP on the N Smart plans?

A1. FUP (Fair Usage Policy) controls network abuse by limiting speed for excessive users, ensuring fair network access for all. Limits are based on average maximum usage. Upon reaching the limit, user bandwidth is reduced but resets monthly or at the next billing Cycle. Our FUP cap starts from 10 TB per month.

Q2. Does N Smart provide free to use router?

A2. N Smart offers free to use router on eligible plans tariff and subplan duration. If the availed plan and subplan is not eligible router charges are applicable.

Q3. Can I put my connection on hold for a few weeks or months?

A3. Currently we do not have a temporary hold option for putting the account or service on Hold. Once your recent invoice amount has been cleared you may choose to deactivate the connection end of the current billing duration.
You may re-activate the service when you return from vacation or your travel.

Meanwhile in this case of temporary disconnection kindly return the equipment such as the free to use router and other network related equipment initially installed for your connection if not paid separately. If you have any questions or queries, please contact by Clicking Here .

Q1. How can I change my user account password?

A1. You can change your password with the below simple steps on our N Smart user portal following the below steps:

Go to: https://user.nsmartnet.com/login
Under the login page click on Forgot Password
Enter your Username, Mobile Number and Code Displayed
Change the password
In case you experience any difficulty please contact our customer support Here

Q2. There is an issue with my connection how to raise a complaint/ticket?

A2. Kindly check the below steps to see if it solves the issue:
- Are other devices in your home/business experiencing the same issue?
- Is the power in your Wi-fi router & Media convertor (If available) showing on along with the network signal light in the router?
- Have you checked if all cables are securely connected?
- Are there any error messages displayed on your device?
- Do you have a secondary connection by another operator? In such a case it is likely that your device is connected to the secondary network which might be unavailable.

If you have tried the above steps however, the issue still persists? Kindly contact our customer support Here who will address the issue.

Q3. How to check the Data usage on my account?

A3. You can check your data usage, plan details, account details on the user portal here
On the top of the user portal you can go to:
Traffic & Usage > Traffic Report (or) Bandwidh Graph (or) > Session Report

Q4. How to check the internet speed of my connection?

A4.You can use online speed test websites to check your broadband connection speed.
- For the most accurate results, connect your device directly to your modem or router via an Ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi.
- This ensures that the speed test isn't affected by any potential Wi-Fi interference or limitations.

Q5. Can I change the name on my account or transfer my ownership?

A5. Change of name is not allowed as per Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) guidelines. Customers are required to re-submit the KYC under new application for change of ownership. The process will also take care of transferring any credit balance from the old account to the new account.

Please contact our customer care department and provide the below documents to (helpdesk@nsmartnet.com) for change of name or transfer of ownership.
- Please upload selfie (plain background) of new customer or upload passport size photo
- Aadhaar Card
- Address Proof (Address Proof of installation address)
- Name
- Email Address
- Physical address of installation
- Email ID
- Updated GST (of new owner if applicable)


Q1. What is PlayboxTV?

A1. PlayboxTV is a super OTT aggregator application that enhances a customer’s experience by listing Movies, TV shows & web series from over 30+ OTT Apps with 350+ Channels across 10+ Languages. It helps reduces the number of apps a user must access by providing a one stop solution for all your entertainment.

Q2. What all contents are available on Playbox TV?

A2. With PlayboxTV, you can watch a wide variety of Movies, TV shows, Web series & Live television channels, right from the classics to the latest trends. We strive to curate a marketplace and cater to all your entertainment needs at an affordable price.

Q3. Is Playbox TV a streaming service?

A3. Playbox TV offers 300+ Live TV channels on its platform. To view paid content, you will be redirected to the appropriate platform.

Q4. Where is Playbox TV available?

A4. Playbox TV is available on Google play store, Android TV, Android Box, Fire TV Stick & IOS Devices.

Q1. Sign Up/ Register for PlayboxTV on Mobile & TV.

Step 1: Enter your Mobile Number.

Step 2: An OTP will be sent on this number.

Step 3: You’ve just got to enter it and click on Verify.

Step 4: Select your preferred languages.

Step 5: The home page will appear. You have been successfully logged in.

Q2. Where can I access/setup my Account?

A2. Click on the Profile icon to view your account details.

Q3. Where can I change my language & profile settings?

A3. Click on the Profile icon > Preference.

Q4. Where can I switch profile or log out?

A4. Click on the Profile icon > Sign Out.

Q1. Which all OTT subscription does PlayboxTV offer?

A1. Subscriptions are available for Sony Liv, Zee 5, Sunnxt, Shemaroo Me, Hungama Play, oho Gujarati and Epic On. For a list of our bundle plans, visit our Subscription panel > OTT package.

Q2. I want to purchase a subscription. Where can I do that?

A2. View all our packages in the subscription panel. Select a plan and click on Buy Now. It will direct you to a payment gateway.
After the successful payment head back to > subscription panel > current packages.

Q3. How do I activate my subscription and log in?

A3. Go to Subscription Panel > Current Pack > Click on the OTT image > Steps to activate and log in will be listed with the reference image. The steps must be completed to stream content seamlessly.

Q4. Once the Subscription has been purchased, will it be automatically activated?

A4. Unfortunately, after the purchase, the package does not get activated automatically. Refer to the FAQ on how to I activate my subscription and log in.

Q5. How can I see my active subscription?

A5. In the subscription panel, click current pack to see your subscription details.

Q6. On what number is the plan activated?

A6. Plan activation will occur on the logged-in number.

Q7. Does PlayboxTV offers subscriptions to premium packages?

A7. All our subscriptions are premium packages.

Q8. My subscription isn't working after I purchased it.

A8. 1) Do not make a payment again.
2) Next check if your subscription is active by visiting subscription panel > current pack.
3) Finally, log out of your account and log back in. this simple, but effective method usually works!

Q9. How long is the subscription valid?

A9. OTT subscriptions are only valid for the duration of the subscription. A monthly plan, for example, is valid for 30 days, while a yearly plan is valid for 365 days.

Q10. Are there any restrictions on my membership? How many screens does PlayboxTV provide?

A10. Subscribers can stream on only two devices: one mobile device and One TV.

Q11. How do I access OTT Apps on other Devices (Mobile/Tablet/Laptop) using PlayboxTV OTT Subscription?

A11. If you have an active PlayboxTV subscription to the OTT service, you can easily access the service with your mobile number and password. For example, upon purchasing the Sony Liv app from PlayboxTV, you will be able to access it on mobile devices, TV sets, and the web.

Q12. Am I eligible for a free trial?

A12. With PlayboxTV, you can access 350+ Live TV channels that are free to watch. There is no free trial available for paid subscriptions. Subscribers can stream content with their previously purchased subscriptions.

Q13. What if I want to purchase more than one subscription?

A13. Different packages can be added during the checkout process. However, you cannot activate the same OTT twice on the same number.

Q14. Is it possible to use my subscription in another country?

A14. You will not be able to use your subscription outside of India.

Q1. Which methods of payment are available?

A1. With our In-App payment system, you can pay with debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and UPI.

Q2. Are the prices inclusive of taxes?

A2. Yes, the prices are inclusive of taxes.

Q3. Can I upgrade to a package?

A3. A specific package cannot be upgraded once it has been purchased. We recommend viewing all packages before making a decision.

Q4. How do I renew an expired subscription? Is it automatically renewed?

A4. For the time being, we do not have auto-renewal functionality; you must purchase the package once the current one expires.

Q5. Is it possible to cancel my subscription?

A5. Once the plan has been purchased and activated, you cannot cancel it until it expires.

Q6. What should I do if I purchased the wrong package?

A6. Once the plan has been purchased and activated, you cannot cancel it until it expires. Be sure to review it before purchasing it.

Q7. What if I purchased a subscription for an OTT for which I already had an active subscription?

A7. Subscriptions, once purchased, are non-refundable. The subscription purchased can be activated after the existing one expires.

Q8. What is the refund policy?

A8. No refund will be issued after a successful transaction.

Q1. Are Netflix subscriptions available on PlayboxTV ?

A1. We do not offer Netflix subscriptions at the moment. Instead, we offer recommendations for Netflix content to improve the content bucket. If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can sync it on our platform

Q2. Is the subscription not available on a quarterly or half-yearly basis?

A2. Subscriptions are only available on a monthly or annual basis.

Q3. When I searched for a movie/show/channel, no results appeared; why?

A3. It is possible that the provider has delisted the movie/show/channel. We aim to keep our database up to date. Write to us at support@playboxtv.in, and we will respond to your inquiry.

Q4. Why did I get redirected to a different movie/show when I clicked OTT?

A4. We strive to ensure the data is error-free, but sometimes, a few movies and shows get missed. Let us know what information is wrong so we can rectify it as soon as possible. Write to us at support@playboxtv.in

Q5. Can I download a Movie/Show and watch it offline on PlayboxTV?

A5. You will be directed to the available platform for the movie or show. It is not possible to download content from PlayboxTV, but it can be downloaded from OTT apps.

Q6. Do I have to install the OTT application on my mobile device?

A6. Streaming can take place either on the webpage or by downloading the app and syncing it with PlayboxTV.

Q7. Do I have to install the OTT application on my TV?

A7. Streaming content on your TV requires installing the OTT applications.

Q1. The application crashed, what do I do now?

A1. Restart your device. Clear the App Cache & Data. Uninstall & Reinstall the App.

Q2. I am facing video playback issues. What should I do?

A2. First, let's make sure you are connected to the internet. If not, please check your internet connection.
Second, if you are still facing an issue, restart the particular app.
Third, contact us at support@playboxtv.in with the details mentioned or contact our Customer Support Executives: 022 42499955

Q3. Can I watch PlayboxTV on my Laptop/Smartphone/Smart TV?

A3. The PlayboxTV app is not yet available on the Web & Smart TV. We plan to make it available soon.

Q4. How do I contact PlayboxTV?

A4. You can write to us at support@playboxtv.in
Contact our Customer Support executives: 022 42499955
WhatsApp: +91 8976065451